Last year I was contacted by a really kind lady, Caroline Jane Knight, it turned out that she is Jane Austen’s 5th great-niece (I KNOW!) and wanted to purchase some Jane Austen inspired illustrations I had created some time ago. She purchased a set, and I donated a set to the foundation.

The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation was setup by Caroline as a not for profit organisation that work to support literacy through volunteer programs and fund literacy libraries for communities in need across the world.

New project

Towards the end of June, Caroline has organised the Austen Heritage Regency Picnic as part of Jane Austen Regency Week and to raise money for the foundation and Chawton House.

I was delighted to speak with Caroline earlier this year after doing a portrait drawing of her husbands Staffy, Jack. Knowing I was familiar with Jane Austen’s story, and having a working style that could bring something modern to the community, she asked if I would create some artwork for the event, and exhibition there to raise money for the foundation. I jumped at the opportunity!

Any progress Rich?

It’s early stages right now but there’s some progress towards the initial concepts. We were able to get some help from the Austen community which was invaluable, as with so many historical moments both in Jane’s life and her stories there were loads of possible routes. See the post below for all the ideas!

Plan for the next stage is head over the Chawton House and take some photos of the house, grounds, church and recently created statue of Jane Austen.

The work I’m going to produce will be created using my trusty iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and ProCreate (an amazing iOS app). These will be combined to produce a digitally painted illustration, that I’ll then print on high quality uncoated fine art paper – this helps to give it that handmade feel everyone knows and loves from traditional art. Check back soon for more updates!